Haruka Niimi
Haruka niimi 1-3
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 新見 遙佳
Name (Romanji) Niimi Haruka
Age 16
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 26th
Blood Type O
Affiliation Kouga Academy, Class 2-B
Family Unknown Parents
Likes Tennis, Chatting, Reading
Dislikes Assertion
Occupation Tennis Club
Girl's Soccer Club (Sweet Snap manga)
Voiced By Itou Kanae
First Appearance
Game Photo Kano (PSP)
Manga Photo Kano: Sweet Snap Chapter 01
Photo Kano: Yours Eyes Only Chapter 01
Anime Episode 1

Haruka Niimi (新見 遙佳 Niimi Haruka?) is one of the main heroines of Photo Kano. She is Kazuya Maeda's childhood friend.


She has long brown hair down to her shoulders, wearing two hairclips on the right side. She usually wears her standard school summer uniform.


A feminine girl. In the past, She's look like a tomboy while playing soccer with Kazuya and other kids in the park near their house. After Kazuya touched her chest to check her situation, Kazuya realized Haruka was becoming a girl and he told she didn't play soccer with him and other boys. Haruka had a little shock, but after Kazuya confessed his feeling to Haruka, Haruka changed to be a feminine girl. In middle school, Haruka came to an all-girls school. Haruka comae to the school where Kazuya chose to study and studied in same class with him. But Kazuya's becoming far away with Haruka from that time because Haruka is a popular girl and Kazuya thinking he's not comfortable while standing with her.
Photo Kano- Sweetnap

Haruka's very sad about that. After Haruka offer Kazuya to become his model, 

Plot (Anime) 

Still Ongoing.


  • She shares similarities with Mao Mizusawa from Kimikiss, and Haruka Morishima from Amagami, each as one of the heroines of choice and the main female protagonist to their respective series.
  • She also has similarities from Kaoru Tanamachi and Rihoko Sakurai (if one follows the arc of either of the two girls) as they are childhood friends with the protagonists
  • Both Harukas from Amagami and Photo Kano share the same name in different romanji.


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