Hiromichi Kudou
Hiromichi kudou-1-61
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 九堂 博道
Name (Romanji) Kudou Hiromichi
Age 18
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 24th
Blood Type O
Affiliation Kouga Academy, Class 3-A
Likes Photography, Erotic things
Dislikes Serious Pictures
Occupation Photography Club president
Voiced By Hikaru Midorikawa
First Appearance
Game Photo Kano (PSP)
Photo Kano Kiss
Manga Photo Kano: Sweet Snap
Photo Kano: Your Eyes Only
Anime Episode 1

Hiromichi Kudou (九堂 博道 Kudou Hiromichi?) is the president of the Photography Club with an erotic sense of art.



Plot (Anime)



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