Katsumi Kurebayashi
Katsumi kurebayashi-1-62
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 紅林 かつみ
Name (Romanji) Kurebayashi Katsumi
Age 18
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 26th
Blood Type O
Affiliation Kouga Academy, Class 3-A
Likes Photography, Volleyball, Dreams
Dislikes Irresponsibilities
Occupation Photo Club President
Volleyball Club member (former)
Voiced By Mizuhara Kaoru
First Appearance
Game Photo Kano (PSP)
Manga Photo Kano: Sweet Snap Chapter 01
Anime Episode 1

Katsumi Kurebayashi (紅林 かつみ Kurebayashi Katsumi?) is the president of the Photo Club, and was the former ace of the volleyball club.



Plot (Anime)


  • On Ruu route, it is known that the reason Katsumi went into photography hobby is because her senpai. That senpai is also into photography and also Kudou's friend although didn't share "borderline erotic is art" ideal like him. He cheers her up when Katsumi was injured from volleyball and so she begins to like photography too. Even though it's not clear if they already in relationship, but from Ruu it's known that Katsumi does has feeling for that person.


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