Koisuru Feeling ~Can't Stop Lovin' You~
Charsong vol7
Release Date June 27th, 2012
Genre Love, Romance
Price ¥2,415
Product Code TRCD-10121
Artist Rina Yunoki (Asuka Oogame)

Koisuru Feeling ~Can't Stop Lovin' You~ (恋するFeeling ~Can't Stop Lovin' You~?) is the 7th edition of the Photo Kano character song catalog. It is the character song of Rina Yunoki, and sung by the seiyuu, Asuka Oogame.

Track Listing

  1. 恋するFeeling ~Can't Stop Lovin' You~
  2. お風呂モノローグ -柚ノ木梨奈-
  3. ムーンライト スターライト(Rina ver.)
  4. フォトグラフメモリー(Rina ver.)
  5. 恋するFeeling ~Can't Stop Lovin' You~(off vocal)
  6. ムーンライト スターライト(off vocal)
  7. フォトグラフメモリー(off vocal)



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