Momoko Ootani
Momoko ootani-1-26
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 大谷 桃子
Name (Romanji) Ootani Momoko
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 16th
Blood Type B
Affiliation Kouga Academy Faculty
Likes Socializing
Dislikes Swimming, Cooking, Getting Lost
Occupation Intern Teacher
Voiced By Aya Endou
First Appearance
Game Photo Kano (PSP)
Manga Photo Kano: Memorial Pictures
Anime Episode 1

Momoko Ootani (大谷 桃子 Ootani Momoko?) is the new student teacher of Kouga Academy at the beginning of the series.



Plot (Anime)


  • Although officially listed as sub-character on the original PSP game, Momoko has her own route. It will be unlocked after player clears all 8 previous heroines (Including Kanon).
  • On her route, Momoko will starts call Kazuya "Dattsun" like Nonoka Misaki.
  • During one of sub-events on her route, it is known that her bust size is higher than 95.


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